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October 03, 2021

Good Morning Friends, Digital Neighbors, Early Birds & Dawn Patrol, Refugees, Phamily, Fascinating People, Later Dayers, Triggeratti, Lurkers, Conversants, Scrollers, Supports, Members and Joyful Bigots! (Please see yesterday's post for the guide to such endearments as Bigots.😊) Wherever you find yourself and whoever you visit here on Locals, I hope the communities you support and visit are a joy. Good people can be found everywhere and should not be taken for granted.

Our last visit with Proverbs from around the world and of course another autumn barn. Have a great Sunday my friends!

The shortest answer is doing. - Greek Proverb

They conquer who believe they can. - Latin Proverb

She who gives to me teaches me to give. - Danish Proverb

He who prizes little things is worthy of great ones. - German Proverb

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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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