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October 18, 2021

Good Morning Digital Neighbors & Happy Monday! I had a very enjoyable weekend, a little gaming on Sunday playing D & D and I watched a horror movie on Amazon called The Manor, it was a good psychological thriller. I wouldn't call it great acting or a knock-out story, but it was fun.

A lighter week in the quote department. I am sure I will babble on about the quotes none the less, but this week we can take a walk with The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. Fun race of aliens introduced in the Next Generation and then Quark was a main character on Deep Space Nine. Along with the Original Series, TNG and DS9 ended up being my favorite series.

My pastor at the cathedral when I was but a wee Deacon laughed at the Ferengi when he first watched an episode of TNG and found out that they were all about money and kept their women naked. "Do you think they are saying something about Hollywood Producers?" That was 1992. Makes ya think. On to the first rule! And of course some Autumn Photography, maybe a barn or some other scenery.

Rule #1 Once you have their money, you never give it back.

Some place have lousy return policies. Those that do I usually don't patronize anymore. As much as I might complain about Amazon, it has a good policy for replacement or return. Very different from service at Liz's next door. Her policy, "Go somewhere else." I think she uses that as a general rule of thumb for complaints about no Happy Hour, limited menu or the like. She takes quality of food seriously, but her suggestion box is the trashcan. A bit surly at times for the uninitiated & unfamiliar, but I like Liz. She is hit and miss with the residents of New Melle, some really love her and those that don't go somewhere else. I love Liz, porcupine quills and all. Happy Monday Friends!

UK Autumn Sunrise - Photography by Clive Nichols

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