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October 31, 2021

Good Morning and Happy Halloween Friends & Digital Neighbors! I went down a rabbit hole this morning looking at vintage Halloween images, poems and advertising this morning. Whatever you have planned for your day, I hope it is one filled with family, friends and the joy of community. I have fond memories of Halloween.

The 70's were a lot of fun with a mix of the old school costumes and the newer masks that went over one's face. I was trying to think of various things I was during my childhood, a black cat, Indian, Frankenstein monster, and a ghost were about all I could come up with as I tried to remember. I was out of the Halloween circuit by the time everyone started dressing up as KISS, Star Wars and the various Halloween, Friday the 13th and other unstoppable killers came about.

It was a very fun time in my childhood and I think I grew to enjoy giving out the candy more than I did going to get it. I saw a lot more costumes once I made that transition. @Dr-Robot made some of the most amazing costumes for his children, hopefully me might be prompted to post some here.

Life is amazing even without costumes and the belief in magic, I hope it is a fun day ahead for you. Happy Halloween my friends!

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