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November 05, 2021
Gratitude & Joy

Good Morning Friends & Digital Neighbors! The simplest things are often the best. Went to a birthday party last night for one of our parishioners. It was a great gathering of members of our daily Mass crowd, friends & neighbors. It is so good to celebrate life and the bonds that unite us when the main cultural current is one of division and obsession with self.

I hope you find community in real life and/or on-line which enrich your life, cause you to laugh, invite you to think, inspire growth and reassure you of the potential goodness in humanity. No community is perfect, everyone has their own cocktail of bad judgements and selfish justifications. If those judgements & justifications are never examined, occasionally questioned or changed we run the risk of personal stagnation and all the ill it brings to our life. Boredom will be the least of your problems but the most present of background noises. Worse will be the spiritual poisons that work to separate you from others and even yourself.

No one need be a prisoner to such things. There are more self made prisons in our lives than most of us realize. Yeah there are jerks that get scripted into our lives knowingly & unknowingly by bad judgement and happenstance but they receive more of their power/authority from our willingness than we realize. The behaviors you accept are often the ones you get.

Good friends in community encourage us to be our better selves. Good friends in community can help us know our strengths and work on overcoming our weaknesses. Good friends in community celebrate the goodness of life. Good friends in community overcome the temptation to endlessly complain about life, culture or the world. (Some complain about real life neighbors but that can be self-defeating since ones wonders when they complain about you?)

The simplest things are often the best. Happy Birthday!!! It sure is good to celebrate life, even better to celebrate the life of a friend. It is the icing on the cake to do that in community. On to the quote and photo! Happy Friday friends!

“There is no joy without gratitude.” – Brene Brown


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