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November 15, 2021

Good Morning Digital Neighbors & Local Friends! How about a visit thought another new book? Dictionary of the Strange, Curious & Lovely: 3500 Most Beautiful English Vocabulary Words - Robin Devoe

Absurdism - the doctrine that the universe is not rational

Do we have to debate this one? While I believe in a Rational Deity, I am not sure how much of that has been communicated or maintained in the universe. Even if, and again I doubt, I could find layers of rationality in nature, human beings break the mold. Human beings - capable of rationality in rare moments of thought and solitude, but willing to sacrifice it frequently on at the altar of emotionalism and convenience, happily surrendering it in the rush of group-feel and herd-think. But that we are capable of it, from time to time, is a hopeful sign. Rationality, reason, higher thought, can help us overcome or at least transform some of the turmoil of darker emotions and inclinations. Rationality can highlight the beauty that springs from our emotions and lift them to higher realms. While I tend to harp about emotionalism as a modern affliction, no one wants to live in a world devoid of emotions. Thankfully there are individuals and episodes of the wonderful dance that reason and emotions can bring to culture, one can hope there may be more in the future if more can hear the music. Happy Monday Friends!

Somewhere in Idaho

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