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November 17, 2021

Good Morning Friends & Digital Neighbors! Happy Mid-week to all of the Supporters, Members and Visitors that pass by this way. Listening to Tim Pool Members section and they mention right at the end that the Prosecution of the Rittenhouse case withheld video details from the Defense that now have become evident. Makes you wonder how bad the "Powers that Be" want things to get. Such ponderings have lead me to the find a fitting word for the day.

Cacotopia - a place where everything is as bad as it can be, especially the government. The opposite of utopia.

While we are not yet a a total cacotopia, the Founders would be soiling themselves along with the current POTUS over the decline of the nation. No matter what happens in the Rittenhouse case, there will be riots. How I wish they would leave behind the neighborhoods and small businesses where they are directed to "mostly peacefully assemble" as they loot, burn and assault. Go to the HQ of the Enemedia that often feed and direct the rage of the mobs and let their business suffer the loss.

On a side note - I saw this in one of my rare ventures in the the land of conceit and infantile behavior: Twitter. CNN has lost 76% of its viewers since January and MSNBC has had a 61% drop. GOOD NEWS! Perhaps we can avoid the slide into the cacotopia that seems to be drawing ever closer. Be hopeful, be aware, but don't be fooled. Happy Wednesday Friends!

Old Barn And Fall Foliage In The Adirondacks Keene Valley

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