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November 20, 2021

Good Morning Digital Neighbors! Hey there Early Birds & Dawn Patrol, Triggeratti & Fascinating People, Joyful Bigots and Phamily, Supports, Members, Visitors and Random Scrollers paying a visit to Locals! Whoever, and wherever you are, Happy Saturday. Lost a good neighbor yesterday in the parish, Dave @TankerCaptain will be missed, his passing was unexpected, but his life was about a ready to go home as one can be on a given day. I was hoping when I visited with him yesterday it was home to his Arsenal in the Woods, but instead a heart attack has called him beyond the veil. I hope he discovers what we believed to be true and that there is Communion rather than nothingness beyond the breathe of life. My sorrow at his passing is far surpassed by the joy of knowing him. While I will have tears for myself, I've already had a few, I have nothing but gratitude for having known him these last few years. Wilford Brimley's twin, The Captain, Gunner, a man of raw honesty, hearty laughs and fierce loyalty and honor.

(In the photo he is on the left sporting the Wilford Brimley look, across from him is Big Mac, next to him his wife Jetpack Gina and across from her my Sister Jane.) I was at the second table of poker players. Happy Saturday friends!


Nature blesses us daily:
birds burst into song just as we pass by,
thunderstorms dissolve the dust of drought,
clouds melt away to reveal distant mountains,
stars emerge, glowing against a velvet sky.

Others bless us:
strangers share smiles,
someone gives us a hug,
a colleague defends us at work,
loving friends surround us during a crisis.

Responding to these blessings,
our hearts expand, and we know
we too participate in life’s divine dance,
giving and receiving blessings.


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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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