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December 21, 2021
The Radiant Dawn

Happy Tuesday Digital Neighbors and Friends across Local's. Good Morning Phamily & Refugees, Early Birds & Dawn Patrol, Supporters, Members and Visitors to Rubin Report, Phetasy and Padre's. I left out the Triggernometry crew since I don't post these rambling over there except on Saturday & Sunday, otherwise my forays over there tend to be Far Side postings and occasional commentary on posts to a much lesser degree than my meanderings at RR and Phetasy.

Today's messianic title - Radiant Dawn. I imagine if we were creature of hearing, sound would matter more than sight. But we are what we are - the darkness holds both wonder & fear. I suspect for our predecessors there were many more dangers and fears of the dark when we were still an option on the food chain for other carnivores. I mean we can still be on the menu - watch The Ghost in the Darkness or The Grey, we might on the top but we aren't unchallenged.

Light - illumination - clarity or Darkness - obscurity -confusion. I know what I prefer more of in my life, even if some of the things clarified to me aren't to my liking. I used to think that the desire for clarity was sort of a factory setting for us primates, but I am not longer certain of that. A few years ago I used to have a reoccurring theme in my sermons about the lies that please us or the truths that saves us. Discernment is essential to distinguishing between the two since we are so infallible and prone to so many blind spots in our reasoning.

Hard truths that will make you better after struggle are not preferable to soft lies that comfort you into personal suffocation. I used to think that was the exception among the people, that most of us agree that hard truths are a better path to trod than living with known lies that are pleasing or comforting, I am not so certain anymore. That does not mean that it is all doom & gloom, but if you are a person striving to wrestle with reality instead of ingesting a torrent of lies you will not have an easy life. I suspect you all know that - you are here after all. Any or all of us could have remained on the Mushroom Management communities of Big Tech. Free to use, but not free to question. It is free after all, and they can refuse service at the push of a button.

The Radiant Dawn - a new day, new opportunities, the ability to see things clearly, maybe for the first time, or maybe for a renewed round at chasing the truths you have discerned in life. Happy Chasing my friends! I hope there is plenty of light in your life to show a clear path forward to your goals. I hope there is plenty of perseverance to keep you focused with the pursuit is slow and the climb is hard.

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