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Sunday Video - On Locals, Videos and the sad reality of suicide

Not @Dr-Robot approved - but one must evolve or perish!!!! Doing something a little different for April - an every other day video for 7.5 minutes. I forgot to mention Julie @Karmadanger as part of the "staff" of @-Padre's.

So Theresa, Bill, Rich, Clare or Julie - if you feel the desire to upload any videos have at it. Any topic is welcome - I think we all know the free range nature and ADD afflicted reality we all inhabit.

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12 hours ago
Entrance into an Anitque warehouse. How cool is this?! All old Christmas decor. Took 50 hours to build.
December 07, 2023
The quiet part, signed.
December 05, 2023
MOTW Recipient 84!
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