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Good Morning Friends & Digital Neighbors! It is good to get back to the morning musings, quotes, fun with words and photos pilfered from across the inter-webs! For my fellow followers of the Risen One - Blessed Easter! To my Jewish neighbors, Happy Belated Passover and to all my neighbors at Locals Happy Monday!

Let's dive into some quotes from Ageless Wisdom - A treasure of quotes to inspire & motivate. The title seems a bit much, but it is a good collection of quotes. Mr. Felts however seems to enjoy quoting himself a bit, I guess that is one way to get your quotes in a book.

I cannot do everything, 
But still I can do something;
And because I cannot do everything, 
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. - Edward Everett Hale, Ten Times One is Ten

He who awaits the call, but sees the need, already sets his spirit to refuse it. -Dante Alighieri, “Purgatorio”, The Divine Comedy

I like Edward Hale's simple sentiment. I would much rather see someone do a little good in their world of influence rather that hear the endless complaints about the problems and worries of the day. I find it far too easy to join that chorus of complaint and miss the good that I can do or say in a moment. Each day I hope to be more attentive to but less possessed by the news cycle, the outrage of the moment or the new fearcast to enslave my will. Informed without being consumed by spirit of this current age is an on-going challenge. No one wants to be naïve or pollyannish about how difficult things are and how difficult it is to believe anything at face value in the news. The keepers of the narrative never stop trying to condition our thoughts and manipulate our feelings. All that aside, there is good I can do today and I hope I don't miss it.

Regarding Dante - Personal Charity yes - Mandated Charity no. Some good psychology form him. If you see the need and know you can do something but choose not to, just own it. Not all recipients of personal charity are worthwhile, nor should all request be granted. Discernment is the key to what and who you choose to support, assist or help. Sometimes we get burned by the users and scammers and sometimes we do some real good to help in worthwhile endeavors. Well enough for a Monday, good to be back. Off to the barn photo from the inter-webs.

Murfreesboro Tennessee Old Barn at Sunrise

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