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Video format - if you would rather have them as photos let me know. I was trying to think of a way to keep all 16 together in one posting. A guide for the video follows. Each meme is there for 5 seconds, the video take less than a minute. If I have forgotten anyone, please post in comments. Thanks for all of our meme sharers, laughter is such a wonderful gift to share.

#1 - You're a man test
#2 Teachers when I as a kid
#3 So much for the joke
#4 Coffee to pee ratio
#5 Mr. Potato Head 1984
#6 Sexy Pam Demic
#7 Indiana Elon
#8 The Left - Also the Left
#9 Current Thing Loyalty card
#10 Green Energy Armor
#11 Orwell reads 2022
#12 Motorboating at Boobs Lake
#13 Eat veggies, don't elect them
#14 Elon pulling an Obama
#15 Fully vaccinated - it could have been way worse than death
#16 Meetings will continue until more work is done

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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