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Dear Friends at Padre's & Rubin Report, I received news from John Blake that our dear Sept has passed this morning. While tremendously saddened by this news, I am so very thankful to know have her. I will have more to say later about Sept, but here is the e-mail from John and a few photos of her that she kindly shared with me as I got to know her.

I know so many of you were blessed by her presence here and the memes she shared, the thoughtful and funny comments she made and her appreciation of what so many shared on Rubin Report and at Padre's. I am so glad I started chatting her back in July of 2020 out of the blue and the friendship we eventually shared. Life is full of surprises, and I am glad Sept is one of the best ones from 2020.

#1 - Sept and her two older brothers (John is a younger brother)
#2 Sept in 1968 at her engagement photo shoot
#3 Sept and her granddaughter
#4 Sept and her younger brother John (2017)


I received a call from McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital a few minutes ago. Judy passed away at approximately 2:00 AM this morning, Friday 17 June 2022. She died in her sleep and was not in pain. This is what she wanted. She previously made arrangements with a local funeral home, where she will be cremated. There will be no funeral, as per her wishes. If you want to honor her memory, please contribute to your charity of choice. I will notify the rest of her family this morning and will travel to Michigan in the near future to settle her estate. Once again, let's remember the good times we shared with Judy. Thank you for the love and friendship each of you had with my sister.

Peace be with you, John

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