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Good Morning Digital Neighbors! Happy Thursday ADD Irregulars, Refugees, Phamily, Ealy Birds, Later Dayers, Dawn Patrol, Day Walkers, Conversants, Lurkers and all the rest of ya's!!!

I think I forgot such salutations in my greetings yesterday, probably for the better when it become too routine and contributes to the "glazing". You see it a lot as a priest, preach or public speaker. Some people automatically glaze over within seconds of beginning a sermon, others tend to have timer, be it 5 minutes or 10 and few last much longer than that unless you are really engaging and wording your passion and humor well in a homily/sermon. The "glazing" is real and when you see it happening to the assembly it is usually time to wrap it up. I don't mean the pre-glazed, they can't pay attention to anything that doesn't appeal to obvious self-interest. I mean the willing and normally engaged. When the glazing starts spreading the speaking should be ending. I always have the dozen of so people I call the obvious engaged and if they are still following along, I am on track, when they start listing & lurching in the pews it is a sign of not connecting.

But we ain't here to talk about the glazing, but rather another quote or two to tumble around in our thoughts. Eyes wide open (grab more coffee) and a mind that is curious and seeking makes the venturing into life and even the internet fruitful.

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.

Try it, you'll like it! I suspect if you are on Locals you are already among those who are prone to realize that stewardship and mastery over your feelings is part of maturity & responsibility. I know there isn't a lot of bling and zing in maturity & responsibility, but your life will be more complete when those two attributes are part of your life portfolio. It doesn't mean you always act with maturity & responsibility, but that is a good base attitude on which to built a life and personality that is healthy and happy.

Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.

Life is worth living. Don't be afraid of mistakes or being wrong, the more you can take yourself lightly, see the humor & beauty in you passage through life, the more likely you are to stumble across unexpected happiness and growth. If you go into life knowing you will face trials, will experience injury, will misunderstand and be misunderstood, you will be better prepared for life. If you do that you will also stumble across meaning in your life. If you manage not to stumble over meaning and keep on floundering, it might prompt you to seek more meaning, or at least wonder if there is more meaning in the life you have been missing. Meaning beats fun & distraction every time. It is difficult to convince people of that in the midst of their distracting fun. And it doesn't mean that fun is gone, just moderated and perhaps a little more deliberate and discerned.

Meaning. In its absence is boredom. It is corruption is madness. My inner curmudgeon wants to go Walt Kowalski as I see the national neighborhood going to crap. When you can't address the madness, but rather indulge it, expect more wreckage of human life and society. No one seeks healing or wellness until they accept the reality of their illness or poor health. Sorry this is sort of black pilling, but the white pill is that such souls without meaning are not as common as you think. They are fringe. That's doesn't mean we get to pass on being charitable to them, showing patience and attempting understanding, but we don't have to indulge them. We all know that the failure to indulge them means potential ruin. Lawyers and mobs, real and virtual, may haunt your life in your failure to indulge the meaningless. Fighting back is possible, and they (the meaningless and their enablers) count of you folding. They have no stomach for a real fight, they depend on the mob to cower you and pressure you into silence if nothing else. Be inspired by the likes of Jordan Peterson in his recent dust up with Twitter. Better to draw your line and stand at it with no compromise. The Wokenstiens NEVER compromise, nor should you. They don't know the existence of meaning, don't join their madness. Thanks for indulging this curmudgeon, and I hope you aren't too glazed over to continue your voyages on the inter-web today!

July Clouds Over Kansas Wheat Sunset

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