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February 24, 2021
BHC on 2nd Class Citizenry

Thoughts on a comment made by Mike Crenovich & Tim Pool. BHC- Black Hat Commentary is one of my political rants - if not your cup of tea - DON'T listen. If however it is, enjoy. 😊 I am all about the free exchange of ideas here and critiques on any topic presented. Nothing is out of bounds for discussion if done with thoughtfulness and a desire for understanding another's point of view. If disagreement makes you anxious or nervous, don't venture there. It is not worth losing any peace of mind over things posted on the internet.
If a conversation gets heated or any of us resort to name calling, personal attacks or butt-hurtery - I will just close down that post or remove it. Love you all - but I don't love the potential pettiness any of us can unknowingly or knowingly be dragged into embracing when our glow-screen anger/courage/stupidity gets ginned up for a "fight."

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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