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A Prayer for our cities

In anticipation of more peaceful protest when justice doesn't agree with the mob or the main narrative of victimization and exploitation peddled by the enemies of reconciliation and understanding - The Media.

O God, grant us a vision of our city, fair as she might be; a city of justice, where none shall prey on others; a city of plenty, where vice and poverty shall cease to fester; a city of brotherhood, where all success shall be founded on service, and honor shall be given to nobleness alone; a city of peace, where order shall not rest on force, but on the love of all for the city, the great mother of the common life and weal.
Hear thou, O Lord, the silent prayer of all our hearts as we each pledge our time and strength and thought to speed the day of her coming beauty and righteousness. Amen. - WALTER RAUSCHENBUSCH

Short Prayers for the Long Day .

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Quite a slow week memewise, only 7 to choose from (unless I've missed some, if so please let me know and I'll add them), and I suspect it'll be closer than a Presidential campaign!

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Skipping the afternoon chat - feel free to host one if some one would like

Busy morning and the batteries are low, recliner ride is calling.

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